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 Mon Jul 09 2012  07:00pm
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Today: Wed Apr 23 10:06pm
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Updated on:  7/9/2012     
Fred Baker
Where to start? It is not easy writing about yourself at least not for me. I was born and raised in a wonderful Christian home but that does not mean life has been perfect by any means. However, with all that I have been through in my life I could not have done anything or gotten through any of my trials with out God on my side. My life verse stands so strong and true for me. Psalm 73:26 "My flesh and my heart faith but GOD is the strength of my heart and my portions FOREVER" I am a single dad of a great 16 year old girl. She is my life! I thank God every day for allowing me the privileged to being a dad and having the huge responsibility for her. I consider myself a pretty easy going person. I pretty much will do whatever as long as it is morally right by God's Word. One thing I have learned is live each day as if Christ will return tomorrow. I'm not saying I'm holier than thou....lol. I still have so much more I know I can be doing for Christ. After going through a lost of marriage and the whole "drama" of a begin a widow I can now look back and reflect on what it is I want in life going ahead. I'm here looking for a serious relationship. That is all in God's hands not mine. I'm here to meet other wonderful God fearing people. Ones we can chat with, share our life experiences, encourage, and pray for one another. I know this probably all seemed so "whatever" but if you care to share any of the things that I have mentioned above please feel free to drop me a line. If you are here for one reason and one reason only and I know you all know what I mean, keep on moving along. On that note. than for reading this and I hope I have not bored anyone too much. Want to get to know me better, you know what to do. God Bless, Fred.
I work as marketing so know that with my work schedule I spend as much time in business as I do in Commerce. I am Honest, dependable, loves family, outdoors, camping in my travel trailer, fishing, hunting, biking, nascar racing, spending time on the beach, working out 3-4 times a week, going out for dinner, amusement parks (Six Flags .State Fairs in any state .ect .) , and just LOVE short weekend adventures. Just about anything out doors and you can more than likely get me on it. But its nice to slow down turn on the TV with a good movie and have one on one time just for us. I can be shy at first but it will pass as we get to know each other. Of all the things I enjoy, having someone special to share it with makes life enjoyable. Very easy going and I am told I act younger than my age, Try to keep a positive attitude and a great sense of humor.And lives in Maryland and have time for someone new in my life
gjax       7/9/2012
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