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 Sat Aug 18 2012  06:18pm
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Today: Wed Apr 23 12:19pm
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Updated on:  8/19/2012     
Keith Beeken
Where do I start? For the record: my name is Keith Beeken, you may Keith. My e-mail address is above. My phone 84 7807-hidden. Dublin is a NW suburb of Columbus , OH , the home of the Memorial Golf Tournament. I like to watch golf matches, both college and professional football and sometimes tennis. I'm not a fan of baseball or basketball unless LaBroun James is playing. I like to also watch Indy car races as well as NASCAR.

I like going to concerts and symphonies.

I have lived in Dublin is a NW suburb of Columbus, OH (USA) for the past few years and I am Originally from Austria and I am 56 years, my world (as I knew it stopped) My wife died, Starting again and begin new things has made me discover what I want out of life, I love life and everything about it. One of my favorite quote is [EVERY SURPRISE IS LIKE A NEW PAGE} a chance to receive each day in all its glory, I am A good Christian and I believe in God, I am A good Baptist. Now About me, I am A Turbine engineering, I have be doing paper work with Shell Oil to install some gas tanks and also install gas turbines for them, I enjoy the nature of my Job as its enable me to see other part of the world and presently am dealing with my final project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but I will be going to China to get some supplies that I need for work and as soon as am done , I am ready to settle down with my soul mate, have a home together and live a happy life together...I look Younger than my age (good genes) But the biggest and best thing I need you to know about me is, I am totally open to getting to know a woman AND her Kids help you see through their eyes and make the world a funny, exciting, magical place to be. I want a simple life. I’m just looking to start a new, down-to-earth life with someone who is funny and cuddly and loves to kiss. So as you can see, I need someone very special to come into my life. And one thing, I need this person to be very active to keep me going as husband and wife.... Tell me more about you and send me some pics of you ...I will be much grateful to read from you and that means my dream has come true. Waiting to read from you... Keith
A real man takes time to value everything about his woman and never use her flaws to break her down,but build her up...
delimi       10/13/2012
http://www.londonextraagency.com/applications.php?offset=100¤ttotal=548&jref=75 actor extra Bill Beeken from UK - photos stolen from
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