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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Sun Jun 23 2013  06:05pm
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Today: Tue Apr 28 09:22am
Important Message
The person you are communicating with using the email address james_smith61@yahoo.com may be using a different picture with you than what we have. Scammers sometimes use different pictures on each site, change pictures often or claim to have had their identity stolen. It does not matter what picture(s) this scammer uses, the person using this email address is a verified scammer.
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Updated on:  6/29/2013     
james smith
ok baby i will send the doctor info to you now and let me know when you will send the money baby because i cant wait to meet you honey and i promise to give you all your money back evem with interest honey i will paid it back send it through Western Union and let me know when you send it so that i will go and pick it here ...

NAME...Charles Jacob
Sent this 2 times

Hello My Love, How are you doing baby? Sweetheart just want to know when you will help me send the money my love so that everything will be alright with us here..
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One of the first things a scammer will do is to try and get you away from the site to chat with them on instant messenger. Scammers try to work very fast in most cases and IM is much faster than conversating through emails and web site messages.
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Another reason scammers want to get you away from the site is to keep you from seeing any warnings that may be posted on the profiles. Check profiles very carefully and pay attention to how they are written as opposed to how they talk on instant messanger.
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Many times, when someone you meet gives you their email address, you can find them on other sites by doing a search on your favorite search engine site. They could already be listed on a few scammer awareness sites like this one.