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 Wed Jul 03 2013  12:56pm
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Today: Sat Apr 19 11:04pm
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Updated on:  4/19/2014     
Victoria Seun Daines
who the h*ll are u scam
Friday 11 January 21:41 
How are you doing and I hope you are doing fine and cool ?  Well all I desire is your heart.  And I promise you to do anything just to have it to myself alone.  And after having it, I promise to treasure it forever.  I'm single and have no kids.  I love kids but I have not been fortunate enough to be with the right man.  All I desire for is someone honest and God fearing.  Even the Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.   I don't smoke and I don't drink as well.  I will be glad if we can get to know much about ourselves by chatting online. This is my  Yahoo Mail and Messenger ID VDaines1@Yahoo.com and also I will appreciate it if only I can have your Yahoo ID as well so I can get to add you to my Yahoo Messenger.  Here is my Mobile Phone Number 832-316-5574.  But I'm having a little problem with it right now.  I'm using the latest iPhone and it dropped on the floor yesterday.  But I have been having issues with the the iPhone. But I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.  But really I want you to know that there is someone out there that cares so much about you. Stay blessed ...

Seun Freeman (VDaines1@Yahoo.com)
Their replies to the Bust this Scammer

f*ck you.. I'm not a scammer

Pig Busters    Sat Apr 19 2014 08:28
Many, many scammers talk about God and Jesus and of course, some are just part of their game but some are Christians. The one thing I haven't figured out yet is if they actually believe God blesses their scamming. From what I read in the Nigerian forums it looks like many of them do.
James Howenstein       Sat Apr 19 08:19pm
I believe time is short and everyone needs salvation. And in this case scammers to. I've been praying for this person whoever they are. They need Jesus and and not to be afraid to show their face. I Facebook a lot and a friend of mine told me me to Google her. And my friend told me about Jolie Ann Miller. And it really shocked me to hear video chats can be fake.
James Howenstein       Sat Apr 19 08:08pm
I'm sorry I'm new to this site and as soon as I can, I'll put my real profile pic. I believe in honesty. I am a Christian and believe in honesty. So if she is a scammer, who and how much besides pics did they scam. Curious.
Scam Buster    Sat Apr 19 2014 07:46
I'm really sorry to hear that. Everybody listed on this site is a scammer. The pictures are all stolen, from various sources. Had you checked all the information on the main page, as far as real pictures, etc.? Had you contacted the email address listed (contact@pigbusters.net)? This is a great resource, and everyone is very helpful!

Be safe!
James Howenstein       Sat Apr 19 07:31pm
I'd like to know who this ''Victoria'' is. They said they loved me, and they were suppose to chat with me today. But it's like they quit chatting after I found out they may be a scammer. I'd like to know if this is a guy or a girl. And if you check out Facebook, a lot of people don't use their real names or pics, which is sad. People have confirmed to me that she lives in the US. I just want to chat with them, because they said they wanted to put their past behind them. I'd like to talk to this ''Victoria'', "'Seen'' or lands it may be, which I Hope she is, Jolie, undercover. Even famous people don't always use their real names or pics. We're Living in the Last days before Jesus returns. I hope and pray, they see this comment and gets back to me. Or if someone can please send back my way. I'd like to find out who they are. Thank you sincerely, James A. Howenstein. PS-they didn't' mention anything about needing money or help of any kind. They sounded more like they were looking for love.
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