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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Mon Sep 02 2013  05:41pm
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Today: Sat Apr 18 08:02pm
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Updated on:  10/20/2014     
Mark Scott
Profiles with the same pictures:
1. mark_scott02@yahoo.com
2. dwarman70@yahoo.com
3. jon_stetson@yahoo.com
Scam Buster    2/17/2015
Heaven Sent, is the email for this profile the same as this Dave person? Just because the photo is the same doesn`t mean the scammer is.
Heaven Sent       2/17/2015
Seems now that this Dave Warman is in Vegas, Nevada..
Heaven Sent       10/6/2013
I've been talking with Dave since March 19. Still can't believe he is a scammer. He writes me such beautiful love letters every morning.
mitzi       10/6/2013
Now using the name Dave Warman on Facebook
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